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Painting on Canvas

Marilyn legendary Pop Art Painting artist is the production of the American pop art movement of the end of the 50's. Maison Chic proposes a stunning show of pop art paintings in UAE-Dubai-RAK.

Maison Chic Furniture Stores UAE-Dubai-RAK - Pop Art Painting on canvas...

Dramatic styles and distance from well designed commercial creation gave birth to the Pop Art movement in the UK, then in the USA during the 50's. Marilyn Monroe pop art silk screen painting face is the flagship of one style of American painting. Starring Andy Warhol, this art movement gets to new high after almost 40 years of gentle sleep! Maison Chic is offering the most amazing and eclectic collection of handmade pop art paintings.

Pop Art Paintings depicts objects and landscape from ordinary life and makes use of techniques of commercial art and popular illustration.

In fact, Pop Art Paintings cared little about creating unique art objects. Popular culture, consumer products, and pictures of media stars provided the subject matter and the materials for them. Often they change well-known and familiar photographs, icons, and even styles into ironic visual objects......We hope we can contribute to let you rediscover and appreciate......

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