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Painting on Canvas

Any living space will want to exhibit Abstract Art Painting. Maison Chic proudly presents the biggest stock of abstract artwork in UAE-Dubai-RAK.

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NEW FORM OF EXPRESSION WITH ABSTRACT PAINTING. Take a walk into the world of abstract art paintingMaison Chic is displaying a large range of abstract artwork in UAE-Dubai-RAK: from impressionism to cubism. Expressive use of color, free and imaginative drawing, and an idea (Cézanne) that all depiction of nature can be reduced to three solids (cube, sphere and cones...cubism), are part of the basis used by artists to built their abstract canvas paintings. Wassilly Kandinski links poesy to abstract paintings when he expresses the idea that it is the "most difficult...of all arts". Maison Chic more prosaically proposes the artwork of young and talented artists. All are original acrylic abstract paintings and oil abstract paintings at bargain price, directly imported from our studios in Bali.

Abstract Artist Paintings in UAE-Dubai-RAK are not generally easily accessible. Huge stock on show at Maison Chic.

Each painting artist obviously uses his own sensibility to give a sense of power and emotion through forms, shapes, colors, and light. We hope Maison Chic contributes to the understanding of abstract paintings in UAE-Dubai-RAK. Your comments on the proposed artworks are welcome.

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